10 Ways to Help Your Brand Get Noticed

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10 Ways to Help Your Brand Get Noticed

We have already written a post about where should the visitor go and what you want them to do next when they visit your site for the first time. Conversion funnel optimization is an important step in attracting and keeping your customers loyal to you. There are more things that demand your focus. Some of them are stated here:

1. Warm Welcome

When you visit someone for the first time, you appreciate being treated friendly and welcoming, right? The same goes for people who visit your website for the first time. We often forget there are people who are there for the first time. It is necessary to make your website as welcoming as your home. Visitors need to feel pleasant and most of them appreciate clear navigation. We advise you to manage your website in a way that makes visitors feel welcomed and warmly accepted.

Make a beautiful and neat "Start here", "First time here?" or "Welcome" page. Creating a custom page for first time visitors can be the most welcoming, brilliant thing ever. You’ll be able to direct people to your best content (or your most recent content) in a super attractive way. Use beautiful pictures for your archive or gallery. The first thing your readers see should be your best work. Make it presentable and user-friendly.

2. Boomerang Your E-mails

Boomerang for Gmail is your new thing. With just the basic, free account, you can schedule emails to send later (so your client who lives in another country won’t get emails at 11:30 p.m. their time or so your clients/collaborators who live in the same country will get your email the next morning at 8:30 a.m. instead of at 3 a.m. when you finished writing it), and you can also return an email to your inbox at a later time. It’s like having a personal assistant remind you that you still haven’t replied to someone or that certain someone hasn't replied back. Bumerang representatives say: "With Boomerang, you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time. Just write the messages as you normally would, then click the Send Later button. Use our handy calendar picker or our text box that understands language like "next Monday" to tell Boomerang when to send your message. We'll take it from there."



Extra advice: Use Canned responses for time optimization. The free Lab (app) called Canned Responses lets you store and insert specific responses in one click.

3. Get Website Reviews

Get someone to review your site, free-of-charge. Use a service such as criticue.com or peek.usertesting.com to get free, real, user reviews of your website. What do real live people think of your website? You can find out in a day or two. This is valuable to all of us who want to find out what people think about the website. They will be sincere, so get ready for unbiased opinion.



4. Spring Cleaning

Do you really think you will ever hear: "I love that you still keep pictures of outdated products you no longer sell! That's so original."? No way! So start cleaning, tidying and removing all that stuff that is completely necessary. Everything you have done might be pretty awesome, but it is about deciding what represents your capabilities best. Your current portfolio can be just a a small fraction of your entire body of work. Don't be afraid your customers won't have enough to decide on. It' about keeping your website appealing and neat. Nobody wants to scroll trough pages and pages of products/designs/services to decide which to choose. Supply only the best and most intriguing ones. It will pay off.

In addition, we strongly advise you to reassess the categories on your site. All of us can get lost in just adding new features. Let's take time and reassess out categorization.

5. Create a Challenge

You can create a challenge for visitors of your website or social media pages. Try to encourage your audience to engage, comment and suggest how to improve. Maybe you get swamped with (in)applicable ideas, but at least you will know what your customers think about your business and what they expect from you in the future.

Make things even more interesting: Get them to use your product in a new, inventive and creative way and post it on social media. Give away samples. Share their posts, reward them afterwards and get in contact with more people by starting a conversation with them about the challenge. Make it a regular occurrence. People love freebies, but make sure you motivate them to earn the prize and complete their part of the bargain.

6. Get Your FAQs in Order

Compile all the questions you get via email, social media, real life, post comments, and even inside your brilliant head into one document. This will give you the most epic list of things that your people want to know. These can be formed into standard reply emails, blog posts, and a simple FAQ section clearly visible and accessible.

7. Blog Post Template

Or multiple templates, if you want to vary the look of each blog post graphic based on the category. Creating consistent, bold, attractive images will definitely help your brand stand out (on social media and more). Choose templates that define you, your products/services or your current state. You can create more than one template, but make sure to create something recognizable. Don't use other people's ideas, try to think of your own thing and get someone to make it if you do not do that by yourself. You can establish your brand by doing this. Click here for more information on brands and brand image.

8. Accounting System

If you do not want to spend any money on this, you can use Wave for free. Their cool app that lets you snap pics of your receipts on the go. Be careful: Whatever you use, get in the habit of entering your income and expenses each week. You and/or your accountant will hate tax time a lot less with some organization. And an organized and less-stressed you can do better work. Don't wait for the work to pile up. Be prepared and organized.


9. Your Audience

Most entrepreneurs aren't clear about who their ideal customer is. For this reason, they waste a lot of time and money trying to sell their product to people who aren't their potential customers. Your ability to clearly define and focus in on the customers who can most rapidly buy your product or service will be essential to your business success. Ideal customers are not easy to find. However, once you find them, they will be able to spread the word to people who are interested as well, and your hard work will eventually pay off. You can find detailed instructions here.

Where are your people at online? Where are your people at in real life? Figure out 10 (real and virtual) places you would go if you were them, then start going there. Be present, be real, be helpful, be memorable.

10. Use Giveaway Service

Have you ever tried Giveaway Service? We’d like to point out that in just 20 months, there are 34,500+ influential authors looking to review products via our website. More than 68,400 reviews have been published through our service that exists for roughly one year and is growing constantly. There are more than 3,300 businesses using our services. We are committed to making both businesses and authors satisfied and encourage everyone to leave a comment and join the discussion.

Instead of asking for Amazon reviews, sellers offer a discounted products to people who are very active on social media and Amazon. Creating a review on Amazon is no longer an obligation, but if an author writes a review on Amazon, (s)he can share the review URL with the seller or on social media. This is called to get deals with no expectation of a review with no requirement or expectation of a review.

Entrepreneurs must not disregard the impact social media can have on sales’ boost. Giveaway Service has implemented the system in which it is no longer obligatory to post an Amazon review. We are also providing deals and boosting your sales by offering these reviews:

  • Social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
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You can read our latest update here.



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